Stack Overflow makes me want to blog

I’ve been posting on Stack Overflow for about two years now. It has made me realize that writing bits of my knowledge into the internet can be beneficial.

Before I started, I was pretty unaware of how many people think about questions that my life or career has already made me answer. This seems a little strange because it has never been a mystery to me that others have already answered questions that I have had.

I was also unaware of how much time I waste by repeatedly solving the same problem. There’s something about explaining a concept that makes the concept itself more clear in my mind. I probably refer to my own answers more than anyone else does. That may just be intellectual narcissism, but I do like having a canonical written record of my thoughts on a topic. I’m not sure what number of .txt files someone has to have on their hard drive before their content starts to seem meaningless, but I know I passed it years ago. Knowing that someone is watching and judging each word I write seems to enforce rigor and standardization. When I write into a Notepad document, I know that there is a 99% chance that only 0 or 1 people will ever read that document once it is finished. And, I know that the potential 1 person is me. The result is thousands of incomprehensible notes that encapsulate epiphany. Basically, it’s a naturally occurring implementation of the opposite of the Facade pattern.

I’m hoping that by making a commitment to write the ideas that I find important into a public forum, I will implicitly make them digestible to my future self. Also, it’s quite possible that others might find what I write useful. This post is the exception. I’m pretty sure that reading it would be a waste of time for anyone but me.